Olivia Garden Finger Brush. Is it going replace Tangle Teezer?

olivia-garden.jpgOlivia Garden is a brand that prepared something special for all the hair lovers – two sets of Finger Brush. The gadgets were adjusted to every hair type and length. The Internet is already full of rumours saying that Finger Brush will easily replace famous Tangle Teezer. Is this really a case?

First set contains three hair brushes in sizes S, M and L. These were designed to comb streaks and massage the scalp. Hair brushes were made of anti-static materials, thanks to which hair do not frizz, are perfectly smooth and glossy. Use of Finger Brush also seals the hair cuticles, does not pull or weaken the hair. The teeth in Olivia Garden gadgets have round tips, that does not irritate scalp. The hair brushes’ heads are made in a such way that allows air to reach hair while brushing. Finger Brush are extra light and the grip is ended with an loop, that can be used to hang the brush next to the towel.

The other set also includes three brushes with various sizes. In similar way to the gadgets described above, these also allow air to get to hair during the stylisation, do not cause fly-away hair, are light and convenient. Size S is dedicated for really short hair, while size L – for long and thick hair. Finger Brushes from the second set are equipped in plastic teeth with rounded tips and the boar bristle. Such combination of materials guarantees better combing, thorough care and an incredible effects.

Tangle Teezer vs Finger Brush

Probably everyone knows Tangle Teezer. It is a small and convenient gadget, highly pitched and recommended by all the hair lovers. However, some bloggers claim that Finger Brush is way better. Why? Hair brushes by Olivia Garden are super light, effectively handle tangling and are made of extremely friendly to skin materials. The only drawback of Finger Brush is its cleaning. As far as it is easy to remove all the hair, the cleaning may turn out to be tiresome. It is neither easy nor quick to remove all the dust or dandruff flecks from between its teeth.