Hair and Scalp Ampoule Treatments - REVIEW

Over-processed and damaged hair, brittle and falling out in handfuls, no hair growth. A shampoo and conditioner (even the best and most expensive one) will not be enough to help this type of hair. A very intensive repair and reinforcement are necessary. When a hair conditioner, shampoo and balm prove to be helpless, you must reach out for an intensified treatment. It should consist in strengthening hair along the stem and hair bulbs – the most important parts. This is where the life of your hair begins: using a metaphor, decisions about its health and growth are taken.

An ampoule treatment is a remedy for weak, thinning and damaged hair. It is an alternative to masks and conditioners – the final weapon in the battle for a healthy hairdo. You use them in a bit different way than balms or conditioners as you must rub an ampoule into the scalp and hair. Ampoules are tiny vials filled with a liquid that you rub in the scalp. One ampoule should be used up right after opening; you mustn’t store the amount that is left. An ampoule treatment lasts a specific period of time and aims at solving a particular problem or (even) a few at the same time. Ampoules are treated as a one-off, cyclical treatment, you cannot use them incessantly. After using up the last ampoule, you must stop the treatment for several months. In the meantime, your hair should stay repaired enough. If you use the ampoules non-stop, your hair will get used to the intensive and strong ingredients. As a result, you will have to provide them with such substances all the time to keep your hairdo beautiful. The ampoule treatment would simply weigh your hair down and bring the adverse effect. Ampoules work as an intensive treatment repairing the scalp and reinforcing hair bulbs. These are definitely the most intensive treatments saving your over-processed and thinning hair.

Hair and scalp ampoules are usually packed in vials. One vial should be used up during one application and – as mentioned earlier – you should not store it. If you leave the vial open, it reacts with the air thus can gain different and harmful properties.

People who have sensitive scalp, fear chemical, often strong and quite controversial ingredients and lean towards natural hair care will be happier with commercially available hair oils. They work in the same way and the application is similar. However, there are huge differences between hair oils and ampoule treatments that definitely weigh in favour of hair oils and oiling.

The most important differences between hair oils and ampoule treatments:

  • Oils contain natural and safe ingredients that do not irritate the scalp
  • Oils can be applied not only to scalp but to hair as well. Therefore, oils give full care, strengthen hair bulbs, enhance hair looks, providing repair, protection and reinforcement
  • Oils can successfully replace lots of products in your bathroom (ampoules, balms, conditioners, heat protectants or hair ends serum)
  • You can use hair oils without breaks. You do not have to stop hair oil treatment as oils are delicate for your scalp and hair bulbs

Before you decide on buying hair ampoule treatments, give it a second thought. Hair oils can be a better choice. They have far more advantages than ampoules produced in labs (often including artificial ingredients). Properly balanced natural oils can work wonders. It is important that you can match them to the structure – porosity – of your hair.



Check ampoule treatments worth choosing

The cosmetic market offers lots of types of ampoules that have been devised as professional treatments for strengthening bulbs and stimulating hair growth. Ampoule treatments are able to stop hair loss and thinning. Sadly, we often have problem choosing the one that will deliver amazing results. We are spoilt for choice, the offer is rich. You must think the choice of ampoules over because you should not overburden your hair with another strong product after completing one treatment. In other words: you should not use two or more different ampoule treatment programs one after the other, changing the brand. Why? Such an approach to hair care could be too radical for your hairdo.

Which ampoule treatment offers the best repair? Which one has the best ingredients? Are the effects long-lasting? How quickly do given vials regenerate your hair? How long is the treatment? What results can you expect from a particular product? We know the answers. The review presents the best hair repair ampoule treatments on the market.


Kerastase Densifique ampoules activating hair growth – 30 vials, 6 ml each. The product comes in small bottles with an applicator that eases the application. Kerastase ampoules are packed in a nice, solid, cardboard box. Small elegant jars decorated with a black and gold label look great as well as professional: you feel the ampoule is supposed to…

Davines Essential Haircare ampoules are the combination of a modern approach to hair care and Ayurveda – the medicine and philosophy of India. The packaging is black and looks fancy; it holds 12 vials, 13 ml each…

Vichy Dercos Aminexil Pro come in a box offering 21 vials. Each of them has a small applicator. The product has been already appreciated by many women who had been struggling with thinning, weak hair, lacking density and volume. Vichy labs have created an exceptional molecule that is supposed to penetrate the bulbs and rebuild them so…

A small, white box conceals 15 ampoules, 5 ml each. The vials are plastic and look like small tubes secured with a narrow tip that you must break to open the product. You must use up the whole vial because it is impossible to close it. Collistar Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Vials thicken hair, provide intensive care…

Absolute Repair Lipidum – 15 ampoules in small jars. Each holds 10 ml. The vials look very nice and aesthetic, have pleasant colours (shades of gold and beige). Every jar conceals a milk white liquid – a condensed conditioner that aims at repairing and smoothing damaged and dehydrated hair, unruly strands, unmanageable, difficult to…

Revlon Anti-Hair Loss ampoules belong to the professional line of hair products – Revlon Professional. They come in a claret box housing 12 vials x 6 ml. The glass vials are single-use and have no applicator, you apply the ampoule directly from…

Schwarzkopf offers a one-week anti-hair loss treatment. The box contains 7 glass vials in a shape of jars equipped with metal caps. The ampoules come with a plastic applicator that you screw to the jar to easily apply the serum. Schwarzkopf treatment is to…