Meet the equivalent for Tangle Teezer: Olivia Garden FingerBrush

For several years, invariably we are self-righteously indignant in our love for Tangle Teezer. It does not pull hair, can be used on wet hair, gently massages the scalp and is just irreplaceable. Is it really? Powerful competition to it can be Finger Brush by Olivia Garden. Bloggers has already made up their minds – Tangle Teezer can move to its deserved retirement.


Brushing hair is very important. If not combed, they tend to tangle and do not present themselves too well. This state has also unfavourable impact on their condition – they break more often, are matte and rough. Besides, regular brushing hair can be brilliant massage. About its benefits we do not have to remind you.

The choice of hair brush is important, because with wrong device you can do more harm than good to your strands. Up till now, it was Tangle Teezer with two-tiered teeth system, that was perfect for dry and wet brushing hair. Today, its spot is taken over by Olivia Garden Finger Brush.


Olivia Garden brand has created a hair brush, that became a competition to TT and the essential for numerous hair salons. Finger Brush is available in three sizes – S, M and L. It has special head shape, thanks to which it massages scalp. The teeth are ended with a ball and combined with natural bear bristle.

  1. The shape of hair brush perfectly matches the head.
  2. FingerBrush untangles both dry and wet hair.
  3. Thee different sizes match various hair types.
  4. Hair brush is light-weight and convenient to hold.
  5. FingerBrush has anti-static teeth that massage the scalp.
  6. The grip holds hidden hair pin.

Just few short sentences cannot contain all that should be said about the Olivia Garden Finger Brush. For example 100% natural boar bristle that surrounds each teeth, hold within itself plenty of properties. It perfectly untangles hair and provides them with gloss. If you run few time through hair with Finger Brush, they will gain volume and become very soft. You can even say that they are sofer than after using Tangle Teezera.

Contrary to appearances, the price of Finger Brush is not high. The smaller price has the most narrow hair brush (S), and the most expensive is the thick hair brush with dense bristle (L). However, its cost is close to the Original Tangle Teezer.