Hair and scalp ampoule treatment – what is it and when to reach for it?

The condition of your hair is determined by many factors. It mainly depends on the beautifying treatment you provide. If you often colour-treat, bleach, straighten or curl with hot tools – then your hair becomes damaged very quickly. Blow-drying does not help either to maintain its good condition. Additionally, you cannot forget about harmful external factors: adverse weather conditions, air pollution, cigarette smoke, chlorinated water at the swimming pool. Stress and improper diet also have negative effects on the state of your hair. Additionally, I can enumerate a list of things you might not even realise, contribute to worsening the condition of your strands. Rubbing your hair with a towel, harsh combing, pulling hair, too tight hairdos or rubber bands, dry air from air-conditioners…

ampoules for hair

The more harmful agents affect the hair – the faster it gets damages.

The health and strength of the hair are primarily related to the bulbs. They keep the hair in good condition. The weakening of hair bulbs results in hair loss, slowing down growth, and general weakness and dryness of the strands. The strands begin┬áto break and crumble, the scales on their surface raise and the ends begin to split. The problem of thinning, inhibited growing and losing hair vitality is a struggle that is facing an increasing percentage of women and men. Such symptoms indicate that it is the time to take steps and give your hair intensive treatment to stop hair and bulb damage. This is the reason why ampoules were created. They are a specialised treatment targeted at specific hair and scalp problems. Ampoules contain condensed hair and scalp care ingredients with an intensified action, primarily for the regeneration of the follicles and scalp – the area where hair health begins. Ampules are small vials with a volume of 5 to 15 ml. One vial equals one application. Hair ampoules are to be rubbed into the scalp, and the strands (the entire length). Depending on the company, hair ampoules are packed in sets of 7, 15 or more units. The ampoule treatment should last from 1 to 3 months, so the more vials the manufacturer offers – the better (unfortunately, due to a small number of ampoules, 2-3 more sets are required to complete the treatment).

Many women reach for ampoule treatement even when they are not struggling with hair loss, but want to provide strength enhancement for example after winter or summer. Hair ampoules also slow down the ageing process of the hair, and even stop the hair from greying. Therefore, even if your hair does not fall out – it is worth providing it with an in-depth and thorough regenerating treatment.