Hair ampoules – Q&A

Hair ampoules – everyone knows how these look like, but not everyone is 100% sure how they work and what’s their purpose. Most often these are associated with the problem of baldness, which affects men and women. What might be surprising, hair ampoules can be used as the great alternative for tired hair that has lost condition after the winter or the summer. Below, we present answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning hair ampoules. Let’s clean out all doubts and challenge the myths about hair ampoules.

ampouls for hair

Can hair ampules help to regenerate hair after the winter or the summer?

Many women regret their hair turning dull and weakened, that it stops growing longer and becoming super prone to damages. This state of matter is mainly caused by improper care (a frequent use of a blow-dryer, a flat iron, hot rollers, application of a mismatching shampoo and a conditioner) and by the weakened health state of hair affected by harsh weather condition during the winter and the summer. Hair constantly hidden under a cap, exposed to the frost or the scorching sun deteriorates in the accelerated peace. To provide deep regeneration, it’s worth reaching for hair ampoules that contain the power of condensed, promptly working substances of regenerative action delivered to hair and hair bulbs.

Can hair ampules be used constantly?

Unfortunately, they can’t. The action delivered by hair ampoules is too strong to be used without making a break. This kind of treatment wouldn’t serve hair well. It’s suggested conducting a hair ampoule treatment twice a year, at most. If you are for all-year-long care of scalp and hair bulbs, then reach for natural oils. They are delicate and, at the same time, possess a range of substances that regenerate hair from the inside and outside. Natural oils can be applied to both hair and scalp.

Can I proceed with undergoing another hair ampoule treatment once I’ve just finished the first one?

If the subsequent hair treatment isn’t based on applying natural oils, it’s strongly advised to avoid more hair ampoules treatments. In general, hair ampoules contain chemical substances, developed in the laboratories, which is why they shouldn’t be used without a pause. Scalp also requires some time so as to start working on its own and improve all processes that take place on its surface.

Does a package of hair ampoules cover one standard treatment?

Unfortunately, in most cases, it doesn’t. Hair ampoules are available in boxes containing a set of either 7 or 15 phials (rarely one box contains 30 flasks that provide a month-long treatment). To regenerate hair fully and to stop its excessive loss, at least a month-long treatment is required. Therefore, in most cases, just one package isn’t enough to undergo the complete therapy.