Hair ampoules – how to use them and what’s the outcome?

ampouls for hair

Hair ampoules are small phials, either made of plastic or glass, resembling bottles or tiny jars that contain from 5 up to 15 ml of a product.

These are closed in boxes and packed in sets. They are supposed to provide a week-long or a several-week-long treatment. Most of the cosmetic brands also offer ampoules that can be bought individually instead of being purchased in sets. This is a great alternative for all the people who would like to give a go to a particular kind of ampules before deciding to get the entire set, or when one ampoule accidentally smashes against the floor. Many cosmetic firms also offer ampoules which don’t only regenerate hair bulbs and scalp but also pose a ‘shot’ of the immediate hair-conditioning action. Such products are exceptionally useful especially before a big event (i.e. a party, a date, or a public speaking) or at any other occasion when you need your hair to look its best. However, if applied to hair only, ampoules can’t be perceived as the perfect treatment since these don’t combat the problem at the very source. In other words, they neither regenerate nor strengthen hair bulbs.

Such hair ampoules can be used in an irregular manner; either, as mentioned above, before a big event when the occasion imposes on us the striking looks, or simply once or twice per week as an intensive working alternative to a hair mask.

Hair ampoules that are supposed to work as a treatment fixing hair problems should be rubbed into scalp so as to regenerate the strands at their roots (work deep in hair bulbs). This kind of ampoules must be applied every day or at least every other day. The most favourable situation is when the ampules contain natural substances, which neither irritate scalp nor trigger allergic reactions. You never know how a chemical substance may react when applied to your hair. The more natural composition anĀ ampoule has, the better the product is. We suggest treating artificially developed substances as a last resort and reaching for these made in the laboratories only when everything else failed you, but you still can’t stop the problem that haunts you, like the hair loss, for example. The best solution would be finding a treatment, based on vegetable substances or natural oils. Only substances that derive from nature can penetrate deep to reach hair bulbs and provide the gradual hair condition improvement. The truth is, many oils can accelerate hair growth, slows down ageing processes and visibly postpone hair greying.